About Atarashi Chiheisen Co., Ltd.

Atarashi Chiheisen

Atarashi Chiheisen is an international trade and investment company in the field of electronics and digital assets.

The company under its management unites a group of Japanese companies (Kenden Corporation, Midoriya Electric, Mansei Corporation, Atarashi HQ) engaged in supply of electronics and electrical materials for various industries and development of industrial process automation projects.

The company has many years of experience in the international market and is a reliable supplier of electronic equipment and materials. Using a flexible trade management strategy based on the unwavering principles of Japanese business culture, we have achieved great results in our relationships with partners and customers around the world.

Together we will achieve more in this Era of electronics and high technology…

Develop and work together with us!

Corporate Profile
Company NameAtarashi Chiheisen Co., Ltd.
EstablishedSeptember 1, 1980
Main Businesses AreasSale of electronics, electronic components and electrical materials
Capitalization¥92,006.3 million
Number of Employees971
President and Chief Executive Officer (CEO)Wabushi Hojo
Reg. numberJT 5022-63