Careers at Atarashi Chiheisen

Careers at Atarashi Chiheisen

Atarashi Chiheisen always has a place where employees from different groups dynamically interact, stimulate each other, and grow.

Because we believe that through the growth of a diversity of personalities, a faith in the future is born that we have never experienced before.

Why not join us in this exciting world with Atarashi Chiheisen to touch the technology of the future.

Atarashi Chiheisen is driven by people and continues to take on the challenge of creating the future.

To this end, we value the different perspectives and ideas offered by diverse human resources, and promote initiatives aimed at the sustainable development of society and the environment.

At Atarashi Chiheisen, we believe that the value of diversity lies in the unique thinking of each individual. We strive to be an organization in which people with different religions, beliefs, values and work styles coexist and respect each other. By blending the different sensibilities of different people into one another, we create new innovations.

We believe that our social responsibility is to contribute to a sustainable society. To achieve this goal, we continue to work across the company toward sustainability to create social and economic value in the long term.

Technology continues to drive today’s rapidly changing world, and we are creating new innovations that will transform industries and society for the better. But without the brightest and most creative people – people like you – our achievements would not be possible.

Join us, and let us start doing good together to make the world a better place.

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