About Atarashi HQ

Atarashi HQ

Atarashi HQ is a specialized division of the Atarashi Chiheisen trading and Investment Company specializing in the purchase and sale of industrial equipment for mining cryptocurrencies (in particular Bitcoin).

Buying exclusively new equipment from failed for some reasons (lack of cheap electricity, lack of necessary premises, bankruptcy, lack of knowledge and staff, tax burden, etc.) crypto mining companies (startups) and selling this equipment on the international market, our company for its partners provides a partial return of investment made in this business.

If you buy or sell cryptocurrency mining equipment from our company, you will get a reliable business partner, who guarantees a clean transaction, trade support and further support based on high standards of Japanese business culture.

Cryptocurrencies have spread all over the world, constantly proving their effectiveness, reliability and viability. If you want to enter the world of cryptocurrencies and keep up with modern financial technology and tools, then we can help you.