About Mansei Corporation

Mansei Corporation

The field of electronics in the 21st century has reached a higher level than one could have imagined. Intelligent devices, advanced and diverse technologies, are in great demand, and allow people to remain flexible in their ideas and the organization of their lives.

Various electronics product groups play an active role in industry, society and people’s daily lives. Our company makes every effort to respond quickly to such customer needs, and provide high quality products based on careful information analysis and planning in strict accordance with the market needs, and uses all our comprehensive technical support for customers.

Mansei prides itself on applying its high-quality technology in various fields, and puts customers first by “focusing on the years ahead”, providing them with advanced technology to go into the future.

Mansei has earned a high reputation from customers for offering consistent support from system design to maintenance, in addition to selling electronic equipment. We appreciate your continued support and cooperation as we move into the next stage of development in the new era of electronics.