About Midoriya Electric

Midoriya Electric

Midoriya Electric, as a specialized trading company in the ever-growing field of electronics, is developing a global corporate network to meet the increasingly complex and diverse needs of our customers. In particular, the Asian region has experienced remarkable development in recent years, and as such, we have established a network of local sales offices throughout the region in order to expand our sales activities in the global market.

Our business began by offering our products to the domestic industrial market and R&D centers in Japan. Along with the expansion of our business, we began exporting Japanese products to Southeast Asian countries and importing products from Western companies that were in demand in the Japanese market.

In order to cope with our business growth and foreign trade promotion, we changed and strengthened our organizational structure by establishing domestic sales divisions throughout Japan, a production division and an international sales division, Atarashi Chiheisen.

Based on our close relationships with semiconductor manufacturers and our view of market trends over the years, we can provide the best system solution that customers need and manufacturers can provide.

Especially with product introductions, our company can support your needs from general concept through production. From reviewing specifications to offering solutions and support in both hardware and software, our team can provide intensive design, project management, evaluation and verification, as well as quality and environmental support.

We strive to be the best in our field, and our partners and customers are repeatedly convinced of this.